Here are a selection of great videos produced by VicRoads.
You can view the full set of clips on the VicRoads YouTube channel.

Here are some sites that provide useful information about driving in general. Learning to drive a car is only part of the overall education process of driver education. The resources on these sites are invaluable to those seeking to pass their driving test but more importantly becoming a responsible road user.

NSW RMS Website

Think of your licence as a 'contract', or an agreement between you as a driver and the rest of society. Roads and Maritime Services and the NSW Police administer this contract on behalf of the people of NSW.

Centre for Road Safety

Practical solutions to reduce deaths and serious injuries on NSW roads. They develop and target road safety campaigns with the community and design roads and vehicles to affect the outcome of road crashes in NSW.


Australian Government-funded program providing learner drivers and their supervisors a free driving lesson with a keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor.

We offer a Pre RMS Test Driving Lesson and use of our vehicle  for your test.